35 years of working closely with leading healthcare employers, plus extensive research of our own, reveals it’s not IQ or test scores that distinguish tomorrow's most successful healthcare employees. Instead, it’s a trio of qualities that ideally suits them to the demands of the healthcare profession.

The core strengths of a FIT employee

Our students benefit from a curriculum that integrates practical, hands-on experience and workplace skills. FIT training develops the specific qualities employers have told us they value most.

This is why you’ll find our graduates are:


Our graduates remain FLEXIBLE–trained to adapt and meet any challenge.


At the of core our educational philosophy is skill development through INSPIRED methods that prepare our graduates for your organization.


A philosophy of TEAMWORK is modeled throughout curriculum to emphasize teamwork that enhances excellent patient care.

A partnership that begins
and ends with you

Our Career Services team exists to build community healthcare capabilities. We work continuously with local healthcare providers to stay on top of evolving trends. We incorporate those market-based insights into our curriculum, so our graduates are ready, day one.

Finally, we screen our graduates to help ensure the best possible match between their individual skills and your requirements. We also can develop programs tailored to your specific needs. And unlike recruiters, we provide all our services at no cost to you.

Enhance the FITness of your workforce.

Call or visit us online to explore how the FIT program and Career Services team at American Career College and West Coast University can help you find graduates uniquely prepared to meet the healthcare challenges that you think are most critical.

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